Hey everyone! I'm Becky... 

I'm the one on the left (in case you didn't already know haha) 

That bearded guy is the love of my life, Iñaki.

I'm a mid-twenties modern day gypsy who loves to travel, create, eat and teach!

 I started travelling (and TEFLing) when I was 19 on my first volunteer trip to India prompted by a post-teenage crisis (thank you hormones) and since then I haven't looked back. Now, 20something countries, countless memories, a bunch of heart-wrenching goodbyes, no end of laughs, and a fair few tears later, I'm a qualified TEFL teacher!

Nowadays I am teaching in Spain. I moved here for change, and stayed for love. 

You may have already noticed the quote on the home page, 

"The meaning of life is to find happiness, the purpose of life is to share it." 

And really, that's why I wanted to start this blog. Now I'm not saying I have the answers to find your happiness, but simply that I have a lot of happiness to share, and if I can share some of it with you or even inspire you to go out and create your own, then mission accomplished!

On my blog you can find posts about my adventures (from travel tips to inspiration), lifestyle posts (from crafty tutorials to thoughts and recipes) and finally posts to help you with your own teaching journey (from lesson plans to how to get into language teaching abroad yourself!)

I'd love for you to be a part of my crazy journey through life so stick around, send me a mail, share your stories with me and lets inspire the pants off each other to jump out of our comfort zones into living a life we love!

Chat with me! (I love talking... A LOT)

Join the journey!

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